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Exes exes everywhere…

So I was a little creative geyser today – I worked on “Nephilim: Daybreak” for a little over three hours, social networked my little ass off, and even did more Zazzle work.

It was a very productive day.

Even though TWO of my exes (who I know don’t know reach other) suddenly decided to get in contact with me again so they could work things out and get back together. I’m not gonna lie, it was tempting (to get back with one of them, at least) but then itching an open wound is tempting too, and probably a lot more healthy.
After talking for a bit I finally told them that we could continue talking and socializing, but as friends only, because I’m not trying to be in a relationship right now. Which means no booty calls.

They weren’t thrilled about that.

But the truth is, right now I need to focus on my writing full time, and because of the time and energy I pour into it, I wouldn’t have anything left for a significant other. And I’m a little too old for meaningless sex.

Well, maybe not, but part of my problem is that sex to me is never meaningless. You would think that as a writer of erotica that I would be more sexually open and promiscuous, but…

…well, here’s the thing: I write out my fantasies, not my reality. In reality, I’m a very different kind of girl.

Not saying that I don’t have my moments…

Anyway, I know some of this entry is straight ramblings, but like I’ve said in the past: this is my diary, and I vowed from the beginning to use it as such. So sometimes there will be ramblings. Maybe most times, if I do it right…

Anyway, since I have so much to do tomorrow I’m calling it quits for the night.

Sweet dreams…


P.S.: Thanks for staying up and reading my entry, HAROLD! Love ya! ❤

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