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Day off…

So I’ve decided that I’m going to beat all the Final Fantasy games – starting with Final Fantasy 1 on the Gameboy Advance. I played its original release on the NES, but I like the enhanced graphics / added content on the GBA. So I’ve been playing my ass off, and so far my highest character is on level 87 – and that’s with limiting my access to walkthrough to a bare minimum. It’s a blast, and the Final Fantasy series has always been my absolute favorite RPG series. Except for the Crystal Chronicles branch. And Tactics.

Other than playing Final Fantasy, DOMINATING EVERYONE AT MARIO PARTY 8, watching a shit ton of Doctor Who, and ordering Pizza Hut, my day has been remarkably relaxing. I even tried to write some of Nephilim earlier, but I just wasn’t into it.

It’s like my brain said: “Nuh uh. Day off.”

I love my brain sometimes.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the day I finally move all out stuff out of our old place while my brother is at work. Luckily my bestie is helping, otherwise, it would be a real bitch…

Goodnight world. Sweet dreams.


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