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The character that wouldn’t die…

So my day started with a 30-minute GIF war with Anne using that stupid little GIF Keyboard thing installed in my Facebook Messenger. We were right across the room from each other. Caregiver Skillz = Next Level. 😀


And then there was my writing. I wrote before I went to work, and then while I was at Anne’s – and the highlight of all of this was when, at the end of the story for Nephilim, I tried to kill one of the main(ish) characters… but it refused. It just didn’t want to die, no matter how hard I tried to write it. It’s a hard thing to explain. When I get in a writing fugue (music playing in my ears so I can tune the rest of the world out) I kind of just… I don’t know… weave the story onto the page. And, in this case, a character I thought should have died to better advance the story wouldn’t.


So we compromised. I imprisoned her instead.


God, I love being a writer!


Anyway, I need to cut this short – the bestie and Anne are calling me out on Mario Party 8, and I have a full day tomorrow.


So I’ll see you all in the morning.





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