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Weird. And crazy weird.

So I was on the bus earlier and this chick was sitting next to me talking very animatedly (and LOUD) through her .99 earpiece she was holding right next to her mouth, swinging her head back and forth and making various silly motions with her neck.

She even hit me with some of her hair at times, and I’m really surprised she didn’t give herself whiplash.
I’m venting, I know, but I hate it when people are obnoxiously dramatic in public for no good reason. She wasn’t even fighting with anyone: she was telling someone how she told off another person. Maybe some of my brother has rubbed off on me. Or maybe not – HE would have just told her to shut the fuck up. Seriously. I’ve seen him do it to complete strangers before. ? Me, I just put my headphones in and jammed.

And then, on the train, I decided to use my smartphone to work on one of my upcoming projects (the documents on my laptop and phone are synced) and this dude was practically all over me reading over my shoulder! Seriously, people, days like today remind me why I quit going out in public as much! Motherfuckers are getting really weird lately!

And then there was the graffiti I saw on a wall I walked past: “Skinhead reggae is for everyone!”
What the fuck? Is that even really a thing??

…god people are weird…


I did get a LOT of things done today, but none of them had anything to do with writing. And I’m really agitated about that. I’m writing my little ass off for the next few days! I have a lot of projects to complete in a short amount of time, and while they are all fun… Seriously, I need about two more Alexa’s! ?

Goodnight, everyone.

Stay weird.

Just not… crazy weird… ?


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