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Oh! Oh!

I had the day off today. How do you think I spent it? Writing, like the responsible “professional” (snicker) writer that I am? Maybe working on book covers, or doing something else to further my literary career?

Yes. For a few hours. The rest of the day?

Veronica motherfucking Mars! I finished the entire first season and I’m already a few episodes into the second, and I swear this show is an addiction to me. I loves it. Veronica reminds me a lot of myself, on so many levels…

Oh! Oh!

And guess what I received in my Inbox today? An endorsement for the first Nephilim book by none other than Richard from Kinky Literature! First look:

A Sonnet Review For Alexa Nichols
By Kinky Richie from


Alexa Nichols wrote a new book

She asked me to take a quick look


Nephilim is the new book’s name

A sexy paranormal is its claim to fame


A man on a roof is about to jump off it

A girl named Jazmyn tries to do something about it


She slips and falls… but doesn’t die

Everybody wants to know exactly why


She’s very attracted to the suicidal man

Her boyfriend fights jealousy as hard as he can


Strange creatures care why she’s still alive

Capturing her is what they strive


I loved this book and so will you

If I was you, I’d read it too


By Kinky Richie



My heart practically melted! I’m so using this as the books back cover text! ❤

Oh! Oh!

I normally don’t talk about sales and such because a) I highly doubt anyone wants to hear about that, b) I’m not a braggart by nature, and c) this is my diary, not a ledger.


I’ve almost sold 100 audiobooks! I’m at 97 right now, and when I finally got to 100 (hopefully tomorrow) I am so taking the clique out to eat to celebrate! To me this is amazing, because I was highly doubtful about selling them to begin with, but a few months ago I took the leap and…wow. Thanks to my awesome narrators Sierra Kline and Jonathan Strong, of course. They are fucking awesome!

Anyway, goodnight, all. I have more Veronica Mars to watch! 🙃



  1. Richie on October 25, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Wow, Alexa, I’m very very flattered that you posted the sonnet here and that you’re going to use it for the book’s back cover. That’s really amazing.

    I’m so glad you liked it. It’s my special present to you.


    • Alexa Nichols on October 30, 2016 at 11:50 am

      Hell, I’m flattered that you even took the time to write it! You be awesome! 😀

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