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Qedesha Cover Reveal!

Yep, as promised, you guys are going to be the first ones to see the cover of Qedesha (Sacred Prostitution).  You’ll find it attached to the end of this entry. I’ve actually had the cover for a few days now, but I’m only sharing it now because the book is completely finished. As a matter of fact, I just uploaded it to Smashwords to get its ISBN and create the epub version of it for my records. I’ll leave it up there for the remainder of the week, and then it’s getting yanked so I can put it in its permanent home, Amazon, and then get a paperback/audiobook version of it created.

I really love this story, and not only because I wrote it – because it’s flat out just weird. And it’s also the first of my stories that are actually based on history, which is a fun medium to dabble in, though I don’t see myself doing that again anytime soon. I added a few twists to it, but staying within the confines of historical reality was a bit…frustrating to me. Still, it was a nice experience, and I can see myself doing it again in the future. Just not the near future. After all, I have Nephilim’s second book to finish…

Which is why I’m getting up tomorrow morning bright and early and slamming away at the keyboard until I have to deal with Real Life.

Anyway, goodnight, all. Me and Anne (yes, I know, technically it’s supposed to be “I and Anne”, but things like that have always looked so weird to me!) have an episode of The Originals to watch before we go to bed. 😛





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