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Rebecca Questions Everything

So Rebecca asked me three very interesting questions today: why I write solely erotica, would I ever write anything besides erotica, and why I write a daily (public) diary.

They were interesting not because of the uniqueness of the questions (I get asked variations of them all the time) but because of the way she asked them. She was a little too serious, and sincerely curious. It kind of threw me off a bit, to be honest. 🙂

So I gave it a little thought and came up with the following.

Why I write solely erotica: I think the simplest answer is also the truest –  because I really enjoy reading it. I like reading all kinds of different things, but when I read erotica the pages just seem to fly.

Will I ever write anything besides erotica: I highly doubt it. Or if I do, I’ll find a way to blend erotic elements into it somehow (ala Nephilim: Daybreak). I think sex is the most natural, honest aspect of humanity we have – I mean, come on, we have body parts and chemical reactions designed just for it. When I read stories that don’t have any sex, it always throws me off, because they just seem too…I dunno…sterile. Safe. Completely unlike life. Hell, even my stick-in-the-butt brother J.C. included sex elements in his Change series. Especially The Change: Jacob . Which happens to be my favorite book in the series so far. Go Figure. 😀 Granted, the sex in his books doesn’t get anywhere near as graphic (or as frequent) as mine, but the elements are still there.

Sex in a story doesn’t have to be hardcore or anything – but it definitely should be somewhere. If you’re writing about humans, at least.

Now on to the last question she asked – why I write a daily Diary entry: The first thing everyone (including my web dude Jamie) assumes is website traffic. They think I’m trying to get more people to visit my page. But that’s honestly not it. I write it for two reasons: to unload at the end of the day and to let you guys know what’s going on in my life and mind.

That’s it. Nothing nefarious or manipulative. I just really like to communicate.

If I was trying to turn my page into some kind of money-making machine, I’d have ads all over it – or affiliate links. Do you see any? Go ahead, disable your ad-blocker and look. You won’t see anything. That’s because my site is my online presence, a place to showcase my works and reach out to my readers, not to try and squeeze money out of anyone. Hell, to be honest, I don’t even write to do that. I write because it’s fun – and it’s a good way to release some of that sexual pervertedness I carry around bottled up all day. 😛

If you guys only knew the kinds of things that danced around in my head…

Anyway, on that note – I’m out of here. I’ve been out and about all day running errands, and all I want to do now workout, spider-monkey my brother while I’m still hot and sweaty (he’s a germaphobe, so it drives him all batshit crazy when I do shit like that! 😀 ), shower, and read until I pass out.

Until tomorrow, my loves…







  1. Richie G on January 26, 2017 at 11:22 am

    “If you guys only knew the kinds of things that danced around in my head…”

    If all the ladies I pass on the street each day only knew what was dancing around in my head as I passed them, I would either be raped by them… or beaten up! LOL

    You got the right ideas, Alexa.

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