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Gay / Lesbian Pride

I’m bisexual. This shouldn’t be a secret to anyone that even remotely knows me. Which is why I was kind of amused when I got a semi-hostile email this morning from what I can only assume was a Nazi-lesbian asking me why I never advertised this fact, or why I’m not a member of any gay or lesbian groups. Or if I am, why I don’t have my membership on my website or in my books. She then proceeded to throw out all the groups (gangs) she is a member of – and I guess I was supposed to be impressed or something.

Like there’s some kind of gay / lesbian equivalent to Mensa that I’ve just been missing out on this whole time.

I actually thought about her question for a second, though, because my initial knee-jerk reaction was to reply with something akin to “eat a dick”.

So here’s the response I ended up sending:

I appreciate you taking the time out of your life to write me. Seriously. I really do.


Everyone that knows me – readers and friends alike – knows my sexual preference. It’s even in my author bio at the end of my books. Not that it’s any of their – or your – business. I choose to let that be known to show my support of gays and lesbians everywhere; It’s not like it’s something I’m legally required to disclose.

But I’m not, and probably never will be, a member of any groups simply because of my sexual inclinations. The reasons for this are simple:

  1. I don’t need the validation (kind of why I don’t do the whole church / religion thing).
  2. My sexuality is a personal, private affair, not a tool for someone else to use to push their agenda.
  3. I don’t feel the need to throw my carnal propensities in someone’s face. Why would I? Why do you?

Anyway, thank you again for writing me, and if you ever feel the need to do so again, please do.



If I get a response I’ll let you know what she says…

So. The Legend of Zelda. It’s my goal for the year. To beat them all. So far this year I’ve beaten The Legend of Zelda (NES), Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES), and I’m currently playing Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES). I’m playing them in the order they were released as opposed to timeline, because the timeline is all jacked up.

I love those games, though. Final Fantasy may be my favorite series, but Zelda is hands down next in line.

Do you guys have any gaming obsessions? What are you favorite games? I wanna know! 😄

Anyway, until tomorrow…





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