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So I finally wrapped up all my author projects this morning and decided to bop over to Anne’s and visit her Nintendo Switch – err, visit her – and we somehow ended up tag-teaming Breath of the Wild – which is a much more addictive game than I like. Like, Skyrim level addictive. We wasted several hours going back and forth with it until she finally decided she had enough and wanted to watch her Kardashian show…so I, being the dedicated friend that I am, made the executive decision to keep the flame alive and keep playing. Since we both have our own saved game, this wasn’t much of a problem. Except that she’s way ahead of me. Part of that has to do with her actually following quest lines, where I kind of just trample around and see how much trouble I can get into. I have way more of the map explored than her, but she’s further along in the actual game.

Needless to say, that game is really fun…

Other than that, my day has been spent basically decompressing, something I sorely needed after this past couple of days. I plan on continuing my decompressing tomorrow.

Until then.







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