Programming Sophia

So I’ve been spending most of the day (I had the day off) working on an upcoming book called Programming Sophia, which is basically about the daughter of the main character from Taken getting into some serious trouble with a secret organization. So far I’m a little over halfway through its re-write (it was a lot darker story before I decided to Disney it up a bit) and I have to say: I’m really excited about the new direction it’s going. It’s still a bit of a dark story, but now it’s more…well, you’ll see. It’s slated to be released in July.


AND my beloved Richie (from the company I took over, Kinky Literature), sent me a poem for the book I just published, Voyeur: Season 1, Episode 1! It’s awesome (and will be on my website soon)! Check it out:


Alexa Nichols thought up something brand new

Something sure to be fun for you

She’ll be telling this story in a SERIES of parts

Many parts to fill your Amazon shopping carts


VOYEUR is the first of such a book

Go ahead! it’s really worth taking a look

This nerdy guy meets the weird neighbor chick

She’s pretty hot and wants to sit on his dick


But there’s something in her stare spooking him out

He’s obsessed with finding what she’s all about

She lets him see her body under her gown

And his roaming hands really go to town


But she tells him something giving him a fright

Read it to find out just what’s not right


It brought a tear to my eye. 😃 I love his poems, and it is so flattering that he is taking the time out of his busy life to write them. OH! And this is also their first anniversary of going live with their site! So stop over and see what they got! You definitely won’t regret it!

Anyway, enough for now. I have to spend some quality time with the girlfriend unit, who has been feeling neglected as of late.

Until tomorrow…







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  1. Richie G on 5th April 2017 at 9:23 am

    I’m thrilled you liked it. Thanks for the Anniversary mention. Randi and I went out and celebrated last night. Have a bad hangover right now! But it was worth it. The year flew by.

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