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My Daily Routine

A few of you have asked me how I manage my day when I’m not working, and most of the time I give a bit of a quick little concise answer. I do this because the subject matter is mundane, and I would rather talk about book writing or character development or…well, anything else.

But that doesn’t stop some of you from asking. 😃 So here goes: my daily schedule…


TUE/THU/SAT/SUN (My Non-Working Days)

6AM: Wake up, make sure big brother is awake, possibly spider monkey him, fix us breakfast.

7AM-10AM: Creative writing. Whatever project I’m working on (like, right now, Programming Sophia) gets my complete undivided attention. I sit down, turn on the laser focus, and don’t move during this time.

10AM-1PM: Email processing, #Hashtag Clothing work, social media networking, newsletter work, and other misc. tasks.

1PM-2PM: Author Grunt Work. This basically consists of processing the myriad post-its on my desktop that deal with the business aspect of being a writer. Like strong-arming Amazon, dealing with Smashwords, etc. Non-writing related things.

2PM-3PM: Wrap up the rest of my tasks and calendar events, schedule anything that needs scheduling, brainstorm future tasks.

3PM-10PM: Chillax! Unwind for the rest of the day!


There you go. In case you can’t tell, I’m a bit of an organization freak. 😃

Until tomorrow, my loves…





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