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Here it is, the slightly condensed version of a conversation I had recently (like, yesterday) with one of my Twitter homies about the novel I’m finishing up (Green Edit, bitches!), Programming Sophia:


Me: Think you’ll have enough free time to beta read my upcoming novel in about a week?

Him: Sure! How long is it?


Me: 15,728 words. Ish. Roughly 50 pages in Word. Is that too much?

Him: Nope, not too much. My story is approaching 17,000 words LOL


Me: Awesome. I’ll totally give you credit in the Acknowledgement page. I’m forgoing my normal beta readers because I think this story would perturb them. 😄

Him: Aha. It’s a bit more on the kinky side eh? 🙂


Me: That’s an understatement. It went to the kinky side, fellated itself as it was raped by animals in a Noah’s Ark size gangbang, then made itself cum while it was shooting a selfie snuff film programmed to be sent to it’s mother upon completion. 😄

Him: LOLOL That’s kinky!!!


And yes, it really is that bad. In parts. But it’s also touching, and in parts even a bit soft. And kind of mysterious. And supernatural even. I really think the majority of you will like it.

I really hope so, because the majority of my free time has been spent working on it, especially most of today. But it will all pay off soon…


Anyway, nothing else to report about today, really. I stayed in and wrote like the proverbial demon. That’s it. So until tomorrow:







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