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Still waiting!

I am not the most patient person. If you even remotely know me, you already know this. I am a very goal-driven, persistent individual who would rather chew her own arm off than wait for someone else to do something. When there is a problem, I like to solve it ASAP, and then move on to the next thing.

Apparently, not everyone is like that.

Like, say, Rebecca.

But in this matter, my hands are tied, so I really have no choice but to wait and see what she decides. I have never been in this situation before, and I’m finding it maddening. The only reason I haven’t gone completely insane is because of my writing.

I spent five hours today blasting through my current project, Voyeur, and ended up finishing about 75% of episode 3. So I can’t complain. My goal is to get it completely finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

On another good note, my protégé is about to publish his first erotic book, and I can’t wait to finally get it out there. There’s so much more to being an author than he knows, however. I can’t wait to get him on the right path and self-sufficient so we can start smut-battling. 😀 My friend Anne asked me if I was worried about him being competition, and I laughed and told her I’m looking forward to it. I welcome competition. It drives me I in a way that nothing else can.

Currently, there are plenty of authors out there who are more successful and talented than I am in the realm of erotica. On that same note, there are also a lot of authors I smoke. It’s a lot of fun fighting/climbing up the literary ladder, and if I ever get to it’s top I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe take on legit writing…I dunno. Competition is what fuels me. Without it, I think writing would be a lot less fun…

OHO! I just received a text from Rebecca telling me she’s coming over tomorrow to talk about her decision! So there goes my sleep tonight! 😀

Until tomorrow, I am





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