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So much has happened today, it would look insane if I tried to record it all! Of course, the first day of the month is generally always like that (at least in regards to author stuff) and no matter how many times I wade through my monthly tasks, it always surprises me how much there is to being a writer.

And my poor assistant Natalie… Her entire life grinds to a halt for the entire day while we tackle everything together. She’s so awesome, I can see why my brother loves her so much!

The biggest thing to happen today so far: Erotic Urban Legends: Volume 1 (a Smashwords exclusive) has been released! The reason it’s a Smashwords exclusive is because Amazon objected to the content, and I refused to change it. So. Smashwords exclusive. Problem solved. 😃

Anyway, I still have more tasks to slay, plus an episode of Jane the Virgin to watch with my homie girl Anne, so until tomorrow…





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