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I woke up with my face planted in my keyboard.

Apparently sometime during the night I got up and went to my laptop, where I opened up the latest story I’m working on (No, Daddy! I’m (STILL) Not Mommy!) and started fine-tuning the Rough Draft. I say apparently because I don’t remember doing this. At all. And I didn’t do much, just deleted some sentences and made things look a bit better. I know the exact changes I made because I opened up a backup copy (I make two backups every night before I go to bed – one on a thumb drive and one to my phone) and compared the two.

The worst part of all this: I overslept, and my assistant Natalie was the one who found me like this. 😄 So, of course, she HAD to take pictures, and now basically I’m being blackmailed to get lunch next week.

Jokes on her. I was gonna do it anyway! 😄✊😓

Got to remember to start locking my room door…





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