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Hard and fast!

This was such a hard day to stay away from writing because I was practically bursting with creativity. So to kind of whet my urges I took a slew of notes in my little notebook I carry around with me everywhere. I almost can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and start writing!

I’m a nerd, I know. 😀

Other than torturing myself I had a really relaxing day – and it seemed to go by so flipping fast! I invited everybody over: Anne, Natalie, the bestie, Anne’s Switch, etc. We all kind of laid around and had some much-needed girl time, binging out on Netflix and Hulu Plus. It was completely unproductive, random, and an utter waste of time.

And I needed it so badly. I enjoyed every second of it.

There needs to be more Sundays in the week!

Tomorrow, however: I’m hitting the ground running…

Until then, I am





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