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So, my stomach has been upset all day, and last night I kept waking up to pee. Neither are normal for me. Rebecca slept through me repeatedly getting up, and this morning she even made me breakfast while I got ready for work. Bitch can cook!

Because of her, I left for work full and thoughtful.

But not in a bad way, for a change.

No news (good or bad) on the brother front, except to say he’s physically in perfect health. I went up to visit him after work today and told him what has been going on since he decided to spontaneously nap. I’m confident he’ll be OK, that he’ll fight his way out of this. He’s too strong not to. He’s always been a fighter, and I learned so much about how to tackle things head on from him. If anyone can fight their way out of this, it’s him.

Besides, the dishes are piling up, and he knows I don’t do dishes.

Yes, I’m trying to keep a lighter mind about all this, because I’ve been driving myself crazy. Besides, he really is a beast, and ever since we were kids I’ve never seen anything dominate him. I doubt he’s going to start letting shit now.

I have all of you to thank for my mindset, for helping me weather the initial brunt of this. Now I just have to maintain my sanity…

In author-related news, I’ve officially started writing the rough draft of Amore, my submission to the upcoming Bad Girls of Erotica anthology. I have a 10,000-word limit, and I’ve already written 1,631 words. And this isn’t your average lez-bean story, either. It’s a bit of a mindfuck. Hot sex, yes, but also psychological shit too.

Which reminds me. I never even advertised for beta readers for it! If you’re interested, drop me a line. I can only take three (self-imposed limit) but if you ask too late I’ll put you on another story. There are rewards aplenty, of course. You’ll see.

Enough for tonight – Rebecca is making dinner. Frito pie…

Until tomorrow loves.





“Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.”
– Marilyn Monroe


  1. Lamar on 15th November 2017 at 10:42 pm

    That sounds amazing, Alexa on the new beta and would like to beta read that one!

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