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How I spent this past week…

Dear Diary,

Not doing a damn thing! Seriously, I just needed a break, a vacation from all the craziness of being an independent author / social media superstar (😆). More importantly, the people I love needed some Alexa time, and if I’m being completely honest, so did I. Want to know what I didn’t do? Write. Or get on social media. Or answer emails. Or anything else.

Well, that’s a bit of a lie.

I did hook up (not like that, pervert. I wish…) with Tera Patrick, who responded to my interview request and even blessed me by following me on Instagram. The interview will be on my Patreon and available to all tiers, as will a few other tidbits related to her. I can’t wait. So much fun. Tera’s an awesome chick, and she’s been my #1 favorite adult actress since I was a little(r) pervert. To be able to interview her was mind-blowing.

Now about my ass. 😅

Or, the area right beside my ass. See, I apparently played so much Skyrim during my off time that I somehow managed to pinch a nerve, and I’ve been walking around like a peg leg pirate ever since. (Much to Anne’s amusement, who keeps calling me Gimp and Limpy and reminds me of how easily she could whoop me now that I’m crippled whenever I innocently talk smack to her) Workouts are out the door until I heal, as are… other things of an exertive, physical nature…

Needless to say, with all this excess energy, I’ve been writing up a storm. 😅


I got me some good news, yo! The Secret Life of Miel is now an audiobook! And so is Girl Fight! Both are available on Audible now, and by the time you read this entry, they should also be on iTunes and Amazon. So yeah. Ballin’. You can also find samples of them on my SoundCloud page, in case you’re curious to hear what they sound like. I have some incredible narrators…

More importantly, I have the most incredible readers. I love you guys so much, and don’t think for one minute I don’t appreciate you. Because I do. Which is why I want to offer all of you a free audiobook code, good for any audiobook on Audible, regardless of author or price. Just message me on any of my social media accounts (or email, if you wish) before Monday, and I’ll shoot you one. No strings attached. Just because you’re awesome, you deserve it, and I love you so much for making me a part of your life.

Limit one code per person, of course. If for some reason you don’t know how to contact me, here is a list of my various social media accounts:


📧 Email: [email protected]

🤢 Facebook:

🐤 Twitter:

📷 Instagram:

💩 Tumblr:

🖼 Pinterest:

📚 Goodreads:

❓ Quora:

📑 Wattpad:

✍ WritersCafe:

📖 LibraryThing:

🔊 Soundcloud:


I look forward to hearing from you. All you. As always, thank you for reading. You rock. ✊



💡 The More You Know 💡

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Source: Wayne State University and Michigan State University


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  1. Lamar on May 31, 2019 at 6:03 am

    That’s amazing on getting an interview with Tera Patrick and congrats! And thank you for the audiobook, Alexa! 😊

    • Alexa Nichols on May 31, 2019 at 11:35 am

      You are very welcome, boo boo! I’ll send you the code via Twitter DM in a few minutes. By the way, you do know that you don’t have to get one of mine, right? You can get any author’s book, regardless of price. Expand yo’ horizons, son! There are plenty of other amazing authors out there! 😉

  2. Richie on May 31, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Hi Alexa, I added the new audible links for both books on our site. Good luck with sales.


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