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The world according to Anne, my writing playlists, and calling James Patterson out for a fight

Dear Diary,

Back when I was doing daily Diary entries (I still don’t see how I pulled that off considering everything else I was juggling), I used to let Anne occasionally slip in and write an entry for me. I would label these little creative outbursts of hers as “Anne’s entry” and just let her go to town – no grammar checking, no filtering, and no direction as to what she should write about. She loved it.

So, I figured it was time to give her another stab at it. What’s the worst that could happen, right? 😳


I got new video games and been watching Jersey shore I really like it. Alexa girl be you was right about the show. Do you want to hang out this weekend? How is your writing going I want to tell you about this new movie Call Deep sleep you should watch trailer for it. We been having fun Mario kart 8 I am all most done with one of Batman telltale game. The game are awesome. I like watching lore it’s very different.


So, there you are. The world, according to Anne. 🥰

My life has been a combination of three things lately: Jersey Shore binge-watching with Anne, overdosing on wax cubes (I love those damn things!), and writing like a fevered madwoman to get Erotic Urban Legends: Pulse finished for my Patreon peeps. As I write this, a dear friend of mine is beta reading it for me, so as soon as I get it back and throw it at the rest of my Beta Reader Hit Squad, it will be shelved! I really wanted to make a short horror story, but this motherfucker ended up 22,844 words – far from what I intended.

Initially, I gave myself a cap of 2,500 words, and the first version was somewhat close to that. After three different revisions and some severe brainstorming… things got a little out of hand. 😅 While my stories always inflate during the revision process, this was a bit ridiculous. I swear I spoil the shit out of my Patreons…

Because of my release schedule, I won’t be able to release it to the general public until April 2022, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of the cover now:



Because I was writing this, I had to temporarily pause the last book in my Exitium Mundi series, which is in the rough draft stage itself. Which means I’m also paused in the middle of Voyeur’s Season 2 (no, I swear it isn’t abandoned) and the next book in the Killer Lolis series: Hunt for the Lolistone. The cover for that book (which is also in the rough draft stage!) is below:



So many things I want to write, so little time! 😭 And then there are other stories that are almost finished that I really need to polish up like Mya, Lilith, Invictus, Balls Deep – A Love Story, and others. I need more hands. Or maybe I can pull a James Patterson and hire other motherfuckers to write my books for me and just sit back and rake in the money. I will never do this, of course, because, you know, I’m actually a writer…


#Shade #ShotsFired #ComeAtMeBro


Maybe I just need to double down my writing efforts. I dunno.

Which reminds me. I decided to add yet another feature to my paperbacks: playlists! See, before I write a book, I compile a 100-song playlist, and I listen to nothing but that playlist while I write. It was an idea sparked by a request from a reader (thank you, John!), and I decided to run with it. I’ve already started including short stories, previews of upcoming books, and interviews in the paperback editions of my books, so this will fit in nicely I think. Just for kicks, here’s the playlist I wrote to for Erotic Urban Legends: Pulse.


Ängie: Spun + Smoke Weed Eat Pussy + Housewife Spliffin
Avicii: Wake Me Up
Awolnation: Sail
AZ Yet: Last Night
Backstreet Boys: Inconsolable
Bebe Rexha: I’m Gonna Show You Crazy + No Broken Hearts ft. Nicki Minaj
Bhad Bhabie: Bestie (Feat. Kodak Black)
Billie Eilish: Bad Guy + You Should See Me in a Crown
Boyz II Men: Oh Well
Brad Paisley: Whiskey Lullaby (feat. Allison Krauss)
Britney Spears: Criminal
Ed Sheeran: Shape of You
Fall Out Boy: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) (Part 1)
Fat Joe: Make It Rain
Finger Eleven: Paralyzer + One Thing
Frankie J: Daddy’s Little Girl
Full Exposure (feat. Mario & Serayah)
Geto Boys: Mind Playing Tricks On Me (Uncut)
Ginuwine: When Doves Cry
Go West: King Of Wishful Thinking
Hailee Steinfeld: Most Girls
Halsey: Nightmare
Hayley Kiyoko: Girls Like Girls
Insane Clown Posse: In My Room
Jessica Simpson: I Belong To Me
Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River
Ke$ha: TiK ToK
Keri Hilson: Pretty Girl Rock
kirstin: Break A Little + Naked + Bad Weather
Linkin Park: The Hybrid Theory + Living Things + and Recharged albums.
Mario Winans: I Don’t Wanna Know
Maroon 5: Girls Like You ft. Cardi B
MAX: Lights Down Low
Offset: Clout ft. Cardi B
Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight
Porcelain Black: Naughty Naughty + I’m Your Favorite Drug
Post Malone: Rockstar + Goodbyes ft. Young Thug
R. Kelly featuring Keri Hilson: Number One
Rita-Ora: Girls
Santana: Maria + Maria
Seckond Chaynce: Undeniable
Silk: Freak Me Baby
Somo: Ride
Star Cast: I Bring Me + There For You
Tamar Braxton: All the Way Home + Love and War + Let Me Know ft. Future + Prettiest Girl + The One
Taylor Swift: Gorgeous
The Fugees: Killing Me Softly
The Weeknd: Often + Party Monster
Tinashe: No Drama
Young Jeezy: Tear It Up


Thanks for reading my latest rant, beloveds. I really appreciate it. 🥰



Lost Phone

Last night a friend rushed me out of the house to catch the opening act at a local bar’s music night. After a few drinks I realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket. I checked the table we were sitting at, the bar, the bathrooms, and after no luck I used my friend’s phone to call mine. After two rings someone answered, gave out a low raspy giggle and hung up. They didn’t answer again. I eventually gave it up as a lost cause and headed home. I found my phone laying on my nightstand, right where I left it.


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  1. Lamar on November 30, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    The missing phone, that happens a lot! 😬 Really cool to see that playlist! 😎

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