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SuperSisi (Pronounced “Suh-Suh”)

When I first saw a post from SuperSisi on my Twitter feed, I immediately stopped scrolling and cocked my head. I consider myself a fairly avid gamer, but this girl seemed consumed by it. So I jumped to her feed and perused her past posts, and my eyes widened even further.

This girl was all about gaming!

I followed her and became increasingly interested in her point of view about games in general. Not only that, but I found myself regularly laughing at her sense of humor, which closely mirrored my own. I’m primarily a writer, but gaming and anime are my second loves, so I reached out, and we started talking. And commenting/liking each other’s posts. I even gave her a Bluesky invite. And we gradually became eFriends.

So when it came time to interview someone for my Patreon, SuperSisi immediately came to mind.

I reached out.

I asked questions.

She answered.

Here be the results!


Me: Do you read recreationally? If so, what sorts of books do you enjoy?

SS: These days I read only about old game and game machines ha ha! That is part of my research, but I enjoy the studying of things. My personality is like that as I am sure many people noticed. I haven’t read a book properly in a long time, and that is sad because I used to enjoy reading often.


Me: What made you decide to start creating content (videos, photos, etc.) centered around video games?

SS: Learning English is my main motivation actually. I don’t have money for a teacher and I did my best in school and to learn in my own time. I already have a group of gaming friends in the arcade and we spent many years playing games, but nobody speaks English. So I decide why not open a Twitter and Instagram and see if I can talk to some foreign people about games. My English is still not great but definitely improved over the last 3 years.


Me: I know retro games are your favorite type of game, but do you have one favorite game that holds a special place in your gaming journey?

SS: It’s always Mario Bros on the Famicom/NES because that is the first game I played at my cousin’s house. Even though when I played it, it was already a very old game, I loved it! That’s probably why my feeling for retro games is so strong. I must have played it a million times already. I have a quite good 8 minute speed run time on this game now.


Me: How do you stay updated on gaming trends? Do you have a favorite website, influencer, or something else you regularly get your gaming news from?

SS: I am not updated on gaming trends, I am updated on old gaming trends! Ha ha! I have a PS4 that I got for very cheap that I almost never play. And a Nintendo Switch. I play newer games mostly on the Switch. Zelda and Mario and some of the interesting independent retro style games too. I don’t know much about internet influencers and I didn’t even realise I was one until someone said it to me. Even now I’m still not sure!


Me: What upcoming games are you most excited about?

SS: It was Mario Wonder and it was great! For now I am interested about Visions of Mana actually. I just want to see what the Switch 2 will be like, and an open world Mana game will be interesting.


Me: Is there anyone in the gaming industry you would love to collaborate with in the future?

SS: Oh not really. I do not know any one ha ha.


Me: As an author, I know how hard it can be to balance my writing with my personal life. How do you manage your recreational gaming, content creation, and personal life?

SS: Well it is getting more difficult actually! My Patreon is now open and I’m trying to give people a great exclusive experience there. I don’t want to let them down so I really am doubling my efforts. I still have to produce so much content and go to work, some days I don’t sleep much. If I can’t sleep I usually stream games. Never stop!


Me: What advice would you give individuals aspiring to become video game influencers? Are there any key lessons you’ve learned along the way?

SS: Be nice to people and have fun! I was nobody for two years until I decided to connect with some other big influencers online. They are surprised I can play games and we had fun chatting. They helped me to grow because they are the ones with the platform, not me. But when you become part of a community, you begin to build a community of your own through interaction.

But a key lesson is, if you really want to grow, work, work, work. Never stop interacting. Don’t just ask “what’s your favorite console?” and then walk away. You need to be part of the conversation. Don’t ask it if you don’t care to listen to the answer. And as the account grows this becomes harder. You can not answer all people. But your effort must stay the same. Have an Asian work ethic ha ha!


Me: As a video game influencer, what are your plans for the future?

SS: Over the last year many people contacted me with many ideas that I never really thought about before. I thought one day, I may be able to leave my little job if I can make social media work for me somehow. But I don’t like to ask for support and give nothing back, so I have started with a low cost Patreon. For now I will focus on that before moving onto some new ideas. 10k followers is not 100k. I am still small and have a long way to go.


Me: What is the one thing most people probably don’t know about you?

SS: I quite like to watch Hentai sometimes, although I’m not an expert so don’t ask my favorites!


Want to get closer to SuperSisi? Go check her out!



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