Hello, World!

This is my first ever online diary entry – or, since it’s on the internet, I guess it’s a “blog” – on my brand spanking new website! I wanted to do something like this because I felt it was the best way to truly get in touch with my readers and to kind of give them an uncensored, intimate look at my mind and life in general.

Now, for those of you expecting something erotic and / or dirty in this space, you may not be disappointed, because my life definitely contains those elements at times; to be honest, however, I plan on using this space as one would normally use a diary – as a place to deposit ones thoughts and feelings accumulated throughout the day.

And I promise to be 100% honest, good or bad, because otherwise what’s the point? Though I will most likely omit the real names of the people I talk about (because while venting is one thing, publicly attacking someone is another), I WILL be talking about the people in my life – so if you know me and have thin skin, you may not want to read this page.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Today was very exhausting – I woke up late (something I rarely do), jumped on all kinds of time-consuming projects, and was rudely yanked away from the computer to go grocery shopping so I could make us (by “us” I mean me and my brother, J.C., whom I live with) one of our favorite foods: Frito pie. I ended up buying way too much meat, however (apparently 5 lbs. is way too much for two people’s servings) but that’s what the motherfucker gets for sending me grocery shopping. He should know better than that shit by now!

Anyway, I need to go so I can unwind and get to bed. Until tomorrow…

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