Some stories are not mine to tell

Dear Diary, I am a story weaver. A wordsmith. I write erotica, horror, supernatural, historical fiction, science fiction (occasionally), fantasy, and romance. Mostly under pen names, of course, but I do so because I have a genuine and passionate love for writing. Sometimes I even blend two or more of these genres just for fun,…

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At the hospital

Dear Diary, I’ve been at the hospital with Natalie for several hours now, and to be honest I have zero desire to do an entry. Shit is just too real right now. Everything (including Patreon) will just have to wait until tomorrow. Keep her in your thoughts. Please. #Alexa

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Finally, home!

Dear Diary, I am finally home! After five days of dog-sitting for my bestie, I am finally back in my inner sanctum! It’s funny, but I never realize just how imprinted I am with this place until I have to be away from it for a length of time. So many things are just the…

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Sleeping in, irresponsibility, and being hard to handle

Dear Diary, I love my Sundays. For some reason, my brain just refuses to be responsible whenever Sunday rolls around, no matter what I may have planned. If I even think about accomplishing something important, I develop a nervous twitch, and my energy just drains out of me. It comes back instantly when I start…

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Grounded from Skynet AGAIN, kidnapped, and voyeurs

Dear Diary, So, I’m grounded from Skynet (my drone) again. And once again, completely unjustly. See, here’s what happened: I was flying it around the house (something I’m getting pretty good at doing if I do say so myself), and kind of got lost playing with the GPS return feature. It’s a button you can…

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Up all night, lesbians, and chocobos!

Dear Diary, I stayed up last night with the intent of getting everything processed. See, the first of the month is always hellish for me because dozens of author tasks spring up on my organizer as needing to be done today. I always run myself (and Natalie, poor girl) into the ground, but we still…

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Guess who’s back, deep thoughts, and a favor

Dear Diary, Guess who’s back, motherfuckers? This bitch! I am 100% healthy and have been blasting things all day like a motherfucking boss. I wrote well over 2,000 words on The Qedesha’s Handmaiden, knocked off all my tasks, and managed to get in some serious game time in on Final Fantasy XV. Of course, because…

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Overenthusiastic, saying goodbye, and wise words

Dear Diary, Apparently, I was way too enthusiastic about my energy and goals yesterday. I’m paying for that today. I was feeling better, so I had a fraction of my energy back and decided to go into straight writing beast mode. Well, I woke up today feeling all kinds of worse. I still got things…

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