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So I started my day out with an experiment.
I wanted to drink some of my patented Crackuccino, but I was also hungry, and I was so amped up to write that I didn’t have the patience to make everything I wanted, so… I made some oatmeal, threw a few tablespoons of peanut butter in it, and then sprinkled it with zero calorie sweetener and my favorite cappuccino mix (white chocolate caramel, in case you’re not a regular reader of my diary and didn’t know).
It was GOOD.
I came.
Strangely, I also crashed hard, so now I’m writing this entry on my smartphone while I’m laying in bed yawning my ass off.
I did get a lot of writing done, however, and I produced the paperback version of “Naughty Cheerleaders”, so I guess the day want a complete creative waste. I’m almost finished revising all my books – and once I am, I’m moving on to creating merchandise for Zazzle based on them. Mainly for the Phi Beta Pie and Nephilim brands. So far. I’m going to end up rocking this stuff myself! ?
Oh! One of my friends accused me (ME!) of terrorizing my big brother today! Can you believe that?! ?
The truth is, I do. But it’s only out of love. Trust me, he wouldn’t want me any other way.
And I know this is going to sound incestuous (and if it does, that’s your problem, not mine), but I really believe that he’s my soul mate. When you’ve been through all the things we have together and… Well, we both had a pretty dark past, and growing up, we were pretty much all we had.
Notice I never talk about my mother or father? Or any other member of our family? There’s a very good reason for that.
Maybe one day I’ll open up and tell you why, but that day is not going to be today…
On a lighter note: MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW, BITCHES! Seriously, if I fuck with you and I don’t get at least one happy birthday message, I’m blocking your wratched ass. You have been warned!
(Don’t act surprised – you knew I was mental when you started getting to know me! ?)
Until tomorrow:

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