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I’m just now getting home! 😀 My brother looked at me crazy as I Tasmanian deviled through the door, gave him a quick kiss on his shiny bald head (he was sitting at his computer), and flew into my room plopping myself down in front of my laptop to create this entry.
I do not want to miss a day of writing in my diary!
So here was my day in a nutshell: after I got off work I stayed over with my client and basically had a girl’s day with her. We went to the Dollar Tree, Walmart, out to eat, and to the movies (now my second time seeing Suicide Squad – she really wanted to watch it!). And I bought alcohol for us.
Hey, I’m only her caregiver from 9am to 1pm – I can corrupt her the rest of the day! 😀
So we drank, listened to music, and generally just enjoyed each other’s company.
And I loved it.
Pretty sure she did too.
I wish more people would see her as a “normal” person and do things like this with her, but because of her cerebral palsy and mild retardation, people see her as a pariah of sorts. She has practically no friends except me and J.C., which is fucking disgusting because she is literally the kindest, sweetest person I know.
People like her should be treasured, not avoided.
Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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