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Full day!

So I’m writing this entry from my clients (who, from this point on I’m going to start calling by her middle name, Anne) house because I’m spending the night. It’s too late to make the trek home, especially when I have to be right back here at 9AM anyway. I’ve done it before. I’m lazy like that. ?

I came over here this morning just to surprise her with a girl’s day, and I’m glad I did: we had loads of fun. We played Rummy (which she almost beat me at), then The Game of Life (which, again, she almost beat me at), played a cutthroat game of Mario Party 4 (she won), got manhandled at Monopoly (she won – hell, she’s the reigning champion), watched the first episode of a show called “The 100” on Netflix (LOVES IT!), ate junk food (which I never do during the week), watched the COWBOYS LOSE YET AGAIN, then took a nap together. Which I’m just now waking up from.

So, basically, we had a pretty full day!

Now for a complete sudden change of topic:

I had this random conversation with this creepy dude on Twitter yesterday when I was at the besties. I was going to post it last night, but I forgot to. So here it is:
HIM: Hello:)
ME: Hi!

HIM: How are you?:)
ME: Enjoying my weekend. You?

HIM: Same here:) doing anything fun this weekend?
ME: Hanging out with the bestie and writing. Drinking a little. Watching movies.

HIM: Ooo writing a book?
ME: Of course. I am an author. Did you not notice that when you followed me?

HIM: I did yes! Big fan actually:)
ME: Nice to know!

HIM: Do you have a favourite out of everything you’ve wrote?
ME: What I’m writing now – but if you mean the things I’ve finished… “The Secret Life of Miel”

HIM: What are you writing now?:)
ME: Ah, see, if you were a big fan you would already know that. ? Busted.

HIM: Haha not that big clearly?
And that’s it. I don’t know why this conversation strikes me as creepy, it just does. Maybe it’s the constant use of a smiley face. Or the tone I got from the text. I don’t know. The lesson here, folks, is just be yourself. Don’t try so hard. And definitely don’t try to flatter me by telling me you’re a fan when you’re not. Yes, I am a writer, but I’m not egotistical: I realize that not everyone will be a fan. And I’m completely cool with that. Even the mega-authors have tons of people that don’t like their writing, so it’s not going to hurt my feelings or anything.

Besides, at the end of the day, I’m not just a writer. I’m a person.

Think about it.

Anyway, I’ll end this entry for now. I have to shower, and then get to bed sleep because tomorrow’s the first day I try my new writing schedule in an attempt to organize and optimize my time as a “professional” writer (Professional! Bahahaha! FTW! ?) so wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Until tomorrow…


P.S.: If I happen to have any peeps out there who are part of the Dallas Cowboys organization, hit me up! (Official erotica writer of the Dallas Cowboys. Loves it! ?)

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