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So I’m fighting through writing burnout. I started feeling it earlier this week but tried writing through it anyway… with marginal success. I kept getting distracted by things. Since I’ve been staying with my bestie for the past few days, my productivity level has shot down to the floor.

So, basically, it’s all her fault! 😀

Like I was telling one of my online homies earlier, I think it’s just because things have been so hectic and stressful in my life recently, and when stuff gets like that I tend to ostracize myself. I call it “turtling”. It’s times like those that my brother usually just kidnaps me and throws me in the car / on the couch and we do something mindless and fun.

But he’s been busy as hell lately, and our sibling-time has been reduced to almost nothing. Yesterday, when we watched “Newsroom” together, it was a beautiful, therapeutic thing for me – and it really helped to bring me out of my mental funk. But then there’re days like today, where I barely even hear from him (or any of my friends, really) and dark thoughts start creeping into my mind.

I don’t do well by myself. I’m very much a people person.
What makes this even worse is how hard it is for me to just “reach out” to people, especially when I haven’t heard from them in a while. It makes me think: do they not want to talk to me anymore? Did I offend them somehow? Are they sick of me?

Yep. Insecurities. I has em.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Until tomorrow…


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