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A good day…

Today was a much better day than yesterday! I managed to pull out of my burnout funk, wrote my little ass off, finally beat Final Fantasy 1 (just started 2 a few minutes ago), and managed to horribly mangle some brownies in my attempt to be more domestic.

Oh, and I plan on getting retarded drunk tonight just because I can!

For once I decided to take a page out of my brother’s book: when he gets upset over things, he sits back and… thinks. He doesn’t yell, scream, cry (I think he cried one time when he was first born for like a half a second but that’s it) or anything else – he just sits back and thinks. Gets all Yoda and shit.

And then he figures out how to solve whatever is bothering him, and goes about his business.

It’s all really annoying sometimes.

Me, I deal with things a bit differently: I worry, mope, pace, cry, mope some more, emo-text my bestie, watch a rom-com, lay down and pity myself in a small little puddle of misery until I feel a little better. Or until my brother kidnaps me and forces me to be in a better mood.

Sometimes I think I dealt with things better when I was a child! 😀

Anyway, like I said, I pulled a page from his book: instead of going through all the emo-shit, I just laid back and thought. Why was I in a funk? What exactly am I “fuming” about that is inhibiting me from being creative? How do I fix it? It was an amazing experience, and I feel tons better now because of it. I need to start doing that #NerdShit more often. It really works.

Sometimes I’m just too emotional for my own good.

Anyway, I’m nearing the end of “Nephilim: Daybreak”. It should be completely finished very, very soon, even though I plan on holding onto it until the release date of November 1 – adding things here and there, editing, polishing, etc. I also did some more designs for the Zazzle storefront, even though there is so much I have left to do. It’s a lot of fun, though – almost like making book covers. That you wear. Kind of. 😀

Anyway, until tomorrow…


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