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Reading, manga, reading, manga…

And that has pretty much been my day: reading (the Beautiful Creatures series) and Manga (Mayoi Neko Overrun). And that’s it. I swear the couch has a permanent imprint of my ass now. And I’m not sorry. X-D

Tomorrow is going to be a much different day, however: aside from work, I am going to insert a ton of changes into Nephilim that I dreamed up over the weekend, and maybe work on my spotty Goodreads membership by reaching out to some of the people I’ve befriended. I suck so bad as a member of that site, I’m surprised they haven’t revoked me yet! 😀

Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow. I may even post a video while I’m out and about. We’ll see how things go. 😉 Later gators!


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