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All over the place…

I’ve spent all day doing so many different things it’s insane: watching Dr. Who (ROSE IS GONE! THAT IS SO FUCKED UP!), watching Veronica Mars with the bestie, rough-housing around with Anne and hurting my hand in the process, and playing games like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Lord of Arcana, and Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Oh! And we all watched some documentaries on Netflix, one on video games and the other on Kimbo Slice / street fighting in general.

Basically, I was all over the place! 😀

One thing I didn’t do: drink. Which is very weird for me. Usually, the weekends are pretty synonymous with alcohol… but to be honest, I actually enjoyed not drinking this weekend. Maybe I’m on to something…

Who would have thunk?

One thing is definitely for sure, though: I am out of my writing funk! I’ve wanted to write so bad today, but I kept getting pulled into one thing or another. After this entry, however, I’m jumping into my writing chair.

Like, right now. 😉


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