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A good day to be Alexa!

OK, so apparently “Nephilim: Daybreak” isn’t going to be done by tomorrow! 😀 My editor is fine-tooth combing it, and my regular cover designer is all like “Let me do a makeover! I’ll have it done before the editor!” (I tried to do it myself, and apparently did a pretty good job because a lot of people like it, but she’s all like “Pleeeeease?!?!” So I caved.)

So. 😀

I’m also looking to get my books translated into different languages, starting with Spanish and Japanese – I’m already working a deal out for it now. All in all: a good day to be Alexa. 😉

Tomorrow: day off work, running errands with the bestie. And writing my as of until she comes and gets me. 😀

I love you guys. Seriously.


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