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I was an absolute writing BEAST today! Not only did I knock out over 5,000 words for Nephilim’s second book, Prisoner, but I also belted out over 20,000 for a side project of mine, “Invictus” – an erotic novel set in ancient Rome. That was the entire rough draft – tomorrow, if I’m not hooked on doing Nephilim, I plan on starting the editing process (I’ve had this story mapped out for a while, I just never sat down and actually wrote it). And I managed to watch two episodes of Veronica Mars with Anne, then backdoored that with Children of the Corn!

Yes, I’m patting myself on the back. I deserve it. 😀

Because of all this, however, I didn’t manage to get much else done – including socializing. When someone tried to, I kind of quickly answered their question and went back to writing. So, if you were one of those people, please don’t take it personally. I was just in the zone today! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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