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Good Feels

So my day was almost completely made several minutes after waking up this morning. I decided to check my audiobook sales, something I do every few days, and noticed Nephilim: Daybreak was getting a lot of attention (downloads) this month.
So I decided to click on it and see what kind of reviews it was getting.
Star wise it has almost 5 stars, but actual review wise it’s got only one:

“The storyline itself is awesome and was the only thing that kept me listening. The performance left much to be desired in the beginning. It felt like she was missing all the inflection cues. Her Russian accent was good. Her Spanish accent was not. By 2/3 of the story, I must have gotten used to it, because I stopped noticing it.

I cannot wait for the next book. Hurry Alexa!!”

So yeah, I got some good feels. I can’t wait to continue writing the Nephilim series! All I have to do is get the rest of the reviews back for Paying His Debts so I can release the final version of it and then release another story titled Taken (which is actually in the editing stages now), and then: it’s Nephilim time!

Now as far as the rest of my day goes, it was the most relaxing Sunday I’ve had in a long time. I slept in, disabled all my social media and email (except for brief excursions) and kicked back with Natalie, who came over today all apologetic like, and spent the day with me (off the clock 😱 ) resulting in a marathon run of Netflix.

It was fun. And relaxing.

In that vein, I’m getting off the internet so I can get back to slacking. And this popcorn from the gods that my favorite (and only) assistant in the world made for us. 😄

Until tomorrow…






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