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Slept in

So I disabled the alarm Saturday so I could sleep in on Sunday, then forgot to re-enable it last night – so I ended up sleeping in and missing a bit of work. Which pretty much set the entire tone for my day. Not that I had a bad day or anything, it was just off. 😀

Luckily, my boss (who is also a reader of my works) isn’t too draconian, so I came in with very little drama. She messed with me a little about it, but it was all good-natured, and once I sat down to work I completely killed it, so.


I am so looking forward to tomorrow, though. Day off, nothing but writing and randomly spider-monkeying my brother… Oh, and trying to keep this bitch:




(Natalie, my assistant) away from said brother, who doesn’t even look her direction when she comes over. 😀 So, of course, she’s crushing on him. Hard. And he’s still ignoring her. Which is probably why she’s all about her some J.C. If he ever gave her any attention, I swear she would squeal and pass out.


Anyway, until tomorrow, my loves. I have some sketchy shit to plan.






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