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Walk of shame

So I was on the bus today going to work and I saw this young, attractive lady get on who was obviously discombobulated and completely overdressed for an early morning work commute. Maybe it was the way her makeup was smeared, or how her hair was just a little disheveled. I knew what she was going through all too well.

The Walk of Shame.

She looked around the bus for a second, saw me, smiled, and then sat next to me. I didn’t mind. I did mind that she kept trying to talk to me when I was trying to get writing done. I hadn’t had my Ambrosia© yet and had barely been out of bed a half hour. (Yes, I’m up and out the door quick)

It was a long bus ride.

After the fact, it made me think of when I was in her shoes, and how nervous and talkative I had been the morning after. To anyone that would listen. I didn’t (and still don’t) know why I was like that, but it is interesting.

It made me want to write a story about it. 😄

Anyway, whether you guys are aware of it or not, I’ve been on a brief writing sabbatical. I needed to refresh a bit, and now I feel better than ever – so be expecting really weird shit from me. ❤

On other words: business as usual. 😄






“You can’t just say to your girlfriend, ‘I have to go fuck 500 girls in Eastern Europe. Wait for me here, please.’”

– Erik Everhard



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