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Me VS Amazon: Round Three

So I received a response from Amazon about the paperback version of Taken.

Yet another form letter.

Here is what they keep sending me, regardless of what I write:


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the following book(s):

Taken (ID: PRI-J7Q47EMVX0E)

The documentation you have provided so far has been insufficient to complete the publication process of your book.

Please provide any documentation or other evidence that proves you have retained rights for the book(s) listed above. Acceptable documentation includes a legal agreement from the author or publisher verifying you retain exclusive publishing rights.

To learn more, please see:

Please reply within 4 days to with documentation, including the title and ID numbers of the books. If documentation is not received within 5 days, your book will not be made available for sale.

Best Regards,

Ryan L.
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This Ryan L dude is always the one who writes me…although I seriously doubt it’s anyone named Ryan, or even remotely an American. I say this because the few responses that weren’t form letters were in broken, barely understandable English.

Outsourcing makes me so hostile, especially when shit like this results. I mean, the audiobook version is accepting auditions through Amazon, the ebook version is selling through Amazon, but the paperback… 😫


I’ve had a strange day today. Not bad, just strange. A little over-emotional, but mainly just quiet and reflective. And wanting to write. Badly. But I was at work, so I couldn’t, and that sent me through several rounds of severe emo’ness.

Tomorrow, though… 😈






Be good or don’t get caught.

– Traci Lords



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