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Me VS Amazon: Round Two

So I’ve been skipping around all day running various little errands and was, basically, my normal happy chipper little self.

And then I received an email from Amazon.

See, I sent them the paperback version of Taken a few days ago. Today I was informed that they had an issue with the content. Even though it contains the exact same content as the ebook version (which has been resolved and is still available on their site. It’s even been selling.). I pointed this out and asked them what’s going on. In response I received…wait for it…

Another motherfucking form letter. (If you have been reading my Diary entries these past few days you’ll understand why this pisses me off so much)

So I’m about to copy and paste what I sent them the first time and we’ll just go back and forth in this fashion until hopefully one of their staff contacts me again via phone call. If they don’t, I’ll just call myself and get it worked out that way. Last time I tried that I had to hit up some unrelated people since they don’t have a phone number for the publishing department.

This is truly ridiculous. Like, infuriatingly so. Like, it’s really hard to write with this hanging over my head because it makes me want to scream at somebody. The things I want to say…

I may end up going with another paperback publisher if this turns into too much of a headache, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I’m all ears.

Anyway, I’m going to try to calm down and get some writing done before the work week starts tomorrow.

I love you all…




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