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Writer’s Mind

So I couldn’t sleep last night because my mind just wouldn’t turn off. I kept thinking of tidbits to add to Voyeur, then to Programming Sophia, and finally even to the next installment of the Nephilim saga.

I ended up filling an entire page of my bedside notepad before I just said fuck it and turned the lights on to get some writing done.

And I don’t regret it.

Kind of.

As a result, of course, my day was absolutely miserable (especially since I had to go to work) and I went about my tasks with the mind of a lethargic meth-head zombie.

On the plus side, however: the second episode of Voyeur is almost done! ❤

Anyway, until tomorrow, my lusts…






“When I was 12 and 13 I had a lot of BDSM fantasies, and it was very difficult to deal with. I grew up Catholic, and I thought my fantasies and desires were wrong and immoral, and I didn’t have anybody to talk to about them, and the few friends I felt comfortable speaking to thought I was crazy. I wish I’d read 120 Days of Sodom when I was that age–I think it would have healed me as a person a lot.”

– Sasha Grey



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