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A Strange Day

Yeah, today was a strange as hell day.

I barely got any work-work done today because my office computer was literally updating until lunch. And then after work I hung out with some co-workers instead of coming straight home and writing like I normally do. And then when I got home I walked in on an…interesting scene going on between my big brother and my assistant… 😀

It wasn’t a bad day. Just a weird one.

Tomorrow I have so much crap to do – and Natalie (my assistant) is going to absolutely hate me. I’m trying to get material finished and ready for my year long vacation so I can keep putting out stuff even though I’m not actually writing. Which means the release dates for some of my things will no doubt change.

I’ll let you guys know.

And yes, to answer a few of you guys that asked: I will still be putting out my monthly newsletter.

Anyway, until tomorrow.

Dirty thoughts. 😏







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