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Hunt for the Nintendo Switch

Almost my entire day was spent running around trying to find my bestie a Nintendo Switch, since she just has to have one. It was really depressing, especially when we looked online. People are really trying to get over on people. Taking a $300 console and marking it up to $500+ is ridiculous…

Make a long story short: we couldn’t find her one. And we went damn near everywhere. Even Walmart. One Walmart was like “we have over 20 of them, but we can’t sell them to you because we’re waiting for the people that preordered them to pick them up.” I almost strangled the ho. Mainly because of her attitude about the whole thing. My bestie had to drag me away; I think ultimately I was way more upset and disappointed than she was about the whole thing. 😀

So, if any of you out there have any hints or insider knowledge on how / where to get one, let a bitch know! I’ll give you some free audiobook codes as a reward. Seriously. Try me.

Anyway, gotta get some things done before work tomorrow, so I’m keeping this entry short.

I love you.

For reals.







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