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Hunt for the Nintendo Switch REMATCH

We finally found that motherfucker! The Bestie and I screeched in front of Toys R Us an hour before it opened only to find a line of people already there waiting. People that must have gotten there hours before us. And when the employees came out handing people purchase tickets we were next to last to get one.

So in other words, we just barely got her one.

After we went to Target to get Breath of the Wild (since that Toys R Us was sold out) and I don’t think I’ve seen her blink since. She is a Zelda freak, and this game was basically a wet dream for her. I don’t expect to hear from her for the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m writing my ass off. Currently, I’m working on Programming Sophia, but I’m also laying out the Quickies story No Daddy! I’m (STILL) Not Mommy! So far it’s shaping up to be way worse than the first one. If it doesn’t piss at least a dozen different people off in its first week, I’ll feel like a failure.

I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, back to the lab… 😉







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