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Writing Fugue

These past couple of days I’ve been in a writing fugue, and it shows. Of course, because of that, I’ve ended up once again neglecting the girlfriend and brother units, though me and my assistant Natalie have become much closer. 😄

If you only knew.

Anyway, my current project, Programming Sophia, is making me want to slap myself…not only am I literally rewriting the story chapter by chapter but I’m also rethinking it’s ending. As it stands now, it’s overly dark, morbid, gritty and realistic. As usual for me. Well, mostly. But I’ve been thinking, maybe this story doesn’t have to be all of those things…

Even if I do change it (and I probably will), it’s not going to be Disney either, but I’m seriously thinking of making it a lot…I don’t know…lighter. It’s a challenge because I naturally want to go to a dark place with it. I’ve noticed that as a writer I have that tendency, and while I understand why, it’s usually easiest to just go with it. So making it go somewhere else for once is going to be fun.

Anyway, goodnight world.

Stay Kinky.





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