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Some of you have asked recently why I don’t comment on news stories or celebrity events in the “pages” of my Diary. The simple answer is twofold:

  1. I’m not trying to use my Diary as a platform for anything except my thoughts and events of personal note that I want to record for future reference.
  2. I couldn’t give a fuck less about what a lot of other people consider “important”. Especially celebrities (i.e., people I don’t know and will likely never meet).

So there you go. In the past (usually under the influence of alcohol) I’ve made political comments (“fuck Trump” being one of my personal favorites) but it just didn’t sit right with me. I’m a writer. Period. If I was a political analyst, it would make sense to voice my views, but as my brother is prone to say (trying to dig out big brother voice here): “It’s impossible to have an opinion when you only know a portion of the facts.” Or something like that.

He’s right though. There are always two sides of a coin, and what the media reports should never be taken as the entire Truth…

Anyway, on that note: goodnight.

I has some Skyrim to play. 😄







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