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I posted the title of this post several days ago and one of my readers latched onto it and asked me this morning what I meant by it (some of you have scary good memories 😄 ).

Maybe that was one of those things I shouldn’t have posted, because it deals with things that really aren’t mine to announce.

Luckily, though, my status as an aunt is not an issue. For now, at least. And if motherfuckers learn how to use birth control correctly, it won’t be for a while. Hint motherfucking hint.

Anyway, as far as a day goes, it’s been pretty straight forward: work on “Alexa” clothing line, play Skyrim😄, text bomb the girlfriend unit, help Anne with Breath of the Wild, repeat. God my Saturdays as a teenager were much more exciting! 😄

Anyway, goodnight for now my loves.

I love you.








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