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310d7081-5865-4896-b936-896cd6058e60Dear Diary,

So, I killed Skyrim. Apparently, 300+ mods without any care or knowledge of mod order or anything else is just too much for the poor game to take. I tried everything I could to get it to work again, but it kept crashing to desktop immediately after I loaded my saved game. After researching for hours on why this happens, I learned that basically I just need to nuke everything and start from scratch. So, I did. I deleted all my mods, uninstalled Skyrim completely, and started with a complete vanilla game. Everything works perfectly now. I’m slowly reinstalling mods (one as a reward every time I level up) and keeping a backup save just in case some mod breaks something. And this time I’m actually thoroughly reading the mod description, just in case there’s something I need to be made aware of. Something I never did before. 😀

The end result: Anne and I played all night last night with our new characters (she deleted all hers and started over from scratch) and most of the day today. God that game is addicting. I love it.

As a result of my addiction, I didn’t do anything writing related. And I don’t even care. I think I’m just going to take the weekend off and have fun with things – I stress too much and push myself too hard in the writing arena during the week… I need some downtime. Well, I say I didn’t do anything writing related, but I did do one thing today: Anne helped me come up with a title for that werewolf book I’m about to slam out: Interview With A Werewolf. I already have my graphics team working on the cover, and I’ll post it as soon as it’s finished. It’s going to be a sweet story. Not at all what people are going to expect from me. The title will give you an idea, but… you’ll see. 😉

Anyway, Anne’s over here low-key shit talking because I’m taking too long with my entry (she really wants to get back to Skyrim), so I’m about to go, but first I’m leaving all of you with homework:

Lick someone. Don’t say anything, just do it. Softly. And then walk away without explaining yourself.

Report back to me tomorrow… 😉



“The best sex education for kids is when Daddy pats Mommy on the fanny when he comes home from work.”

– William Masters


  1. Lamar on 4th March 2018 at 4:10 am

    Poor Skyrim, the both of you killed the game and made you start over with better results, fun! I sure will plan on licking someone! 😉😉😘

  2. Ronnie Mullins on 4th March 2018 at 6:54 am

    You crack me up girl. Killing your Skyrim game with mods that’s gotta suck been there done that with other games in the past. I’m excited to see the cover of Interview with a Werewolf. I’ll have to think of who I’ll lick and walk away from and let you know the results.

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