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I took an HIV test…

Dear Diary,

Taking an HIV test is something I had been putting off for my entire adult life, honestly because I was terrified of the result. And I don’t use the word terrified lightly. I was thinking that not knowing was somehow better than knowing, that maybe if I didn’t know the result it couldn’t kill me. Kind of like how a child imagines a mythical monster will be kept at bay by hiding under the blankets and covering their eyes. *

Irrational, I know. But ignorance is bliss, right?


Turns out, I don’t have HIV. Or any other STD. But the whole ordeal has taught me a major life lesson, one that I’ve already started applying to my day to day life: don’t ever back down from something just because it scares you. In fact, that is probably the best reason to tackle it head-on. I have no idea how I would have reacted if the results would have come back that I was positive, but…


I’ve been in full-force Nephilim mode as of late, just like I said I would be. All the books released so far have been cosmetically and grammatically refreshed, and the newest addition, the Patreon exclusive Erotic Urban Legends: Broken Wings (A Nephilim Story) has been completely outlined and its rough draft is already being written. This is my third Erotic Urban Legends book, and for some reason, this has taken much longer than the others. I think maybe its because I had so much I wanted to include, since the Nephilim series is something I take very seriously, and trying to find a way to cram everything in there without making it a full-blown novel took a little bit of plot-writing gymnastics.

But it’s all in there. By the end of the week it should be complete, and then I’m finally moving on to the next book in the Nephilim series proper: Prisoner. Once the entire series is finished and I take a vacation for a while I’m going to bundle every Nephilim book together in a collection, but that’s way in the future. So far in the future…

Because of having my head down and writing so much (upwards of twelve hours a day at times) my social media presence – and my personal life – has been a bit bleak. To be fair though, I did warn everyone this would happen while I finish up the Nephilim series (next time I plot out a five-book series someone please slap the fuck out of me) so they knew what to expect. When I do something like this I get a strange laser focus, a sort of tunnel vision, and very little else matters other than my goal.

Which means, of course, this is the exact time that Rebecca has decided to start slithering back into my life. 😭 More on that later.

I have words to smith.

And obstacles to tackle. Head on. 🤘

Thank you for reading.


I love you.



* This was never me. Back when I believed in monsters and such the last thing I wanted to do was be stationary and blind – I looked for weapons and hunted. 😅 I am not playing. I blame my big brother for this!


“I love that ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ passionate, smart fighting. I love fighting with guys, and that’s something that I don’t get to see: arguing at a high level with a member of the opposite sex. That didn’t really happen that much on ‘The Office.’ I just like that ‘Moonlighting,’ Benedick-Beatrice type of thing.”

– Mindy Kaling


  1. Ronnie Mullins on August 20, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Well no HIV or other STD is a good thing. You go girly. I too love The Nephilim series and not just cause I’m a main character in Interview with a Werewolf. It truly is a master piece of yours. As for slapping you if you partake in another 5 book series I’d be happy to bend you over my knee and tanning that cute little booty of yours.. Just say the word. I love you too girly, have a great night

  2. Lamar on August 21, 2018 at 9:37 am

    I’m glad that you don’t no HIV or STD yet also glad that you got it done. 😊
    As for Nephilim, you are finally getting there and I can’t wait!
    The five books series is well I’ll give you each hot slaps on that ass! 😈😈😈😜

    You can do this, Alexa! ❤❤❤

  3. Alexa Nichols on August 27, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    You guys are too much. In a very good way! 😅

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