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A moment of seriousness…

Dear Diary,

It occurred to me while I was in the throes of writing this week (feverishly making up for lost time from being on vacation) just how lucky I am as an author. I mean, how many authors do you know that can get away with working a light part-time job and dedicate over eight hours to writing every single day because their readers financially support them enough through either Patreon or from buying their eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks?

That support drives me, pushes me, makes me not only want to be better but to be more proliferate as well. It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship that I never knew could have existed.

All of this, my entire fledgling career, is because of you guys.

You are more than mere readers to me. You are my friends. My confidants. In some cases, my digital baby daddies. 😅

You are more than just financial supporters though. You are my little virtual community. Some of you even act as impromptu therapists whenever things get a bit much for me to handle. That is invaluable to me. I have grown so much as an author – as a person – because of you guys.

I genuinely believe that I am the luckiest author on the planet.

My readers are fucking amazing.

I love all my #Alexaliens! 😊

This is a strange, emo Diary entry, I know, but in an online world where everyone seems to be condescending someone or complaining about something, sometimes it’s important to remember that even though we’re all on computers, there are people at the ends of those computers. Real, living, caring, valuable people.

And people matter. Even the ones we don’t like or agree with.

People don’t have to be your friends. They don’t have to like you. They definitely don’t have to buy your works.

So for those of you that do:

Thank you.


From the bottom of my heart.

That is all.



P.S: The paperback edition of Daddy’s Girl is now available. If you feel so inclined, go get it. 🤗


“Sex appeal is in the workplace every day of the week. I’m not saying that’s the only calling card, but it’s a whole crayon box.”

– Barbara Corcoran


  1. Lamar on October 24, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    I’m glad to being a digital book baby daddy to you, Alexa and I love you so much! 😘😘😘😘😈😈😈

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