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Good news, bad news, and baby fever…

Dear Diary,

So, I have good news, bad news, and horrifying news.

We’ll start with the good news: Not only is my left arm getting rapidly better, but I’m being a productive little loli to boot! Writing-wise, at least. I’ve been spending much of my free time taking on small writing side projects, mainly the Quickies stories The Doctor’s In, Breaking in The Babysitter, and Daddy Dearest. I had to take a brief break from writing so many serious stories and write a few short, silly, erotic ones instead. It’s proving to be creatively therapeutic and a lot of fun. I’ve also, as always, been working on Patreon content. Basically, I’m having way more fun than I probably should be, considering we’re still in a pandemic and our political scene is an absolute shitshow.

Now the bad news: It seems like every time I log onto Twitter (my favorite social media network), all I see on my feed is politics, anger, and straight-out hatred (and, of course, dick pics in my DMs 🙄). Rarely do I see anything positive, which is why I try and inject whatever I can when I jump on. The problem is, I’m not naturally a very funny person, and my sense of humor would be best described as weird to begin with, so I usually end up falling flat, but… I try, motherfuckers! 😅

I guess what I want to say is just because we have differences of opinion doesn’t mean we can’t get along. We’re all different. Why does this difference seem to anger some people? Why do they want to debate, insult, and threaten others just because they don’t think the way they do? What are they hoping to accomplish with this? What’s the end game? I mean, I’m not too fond of anchovies, but I never considered starting a hate group over them – or bashing someone that likes them. It just doesn’t matter to me what someone else likes to eat. It’s not my business, and honestly doesn’t interest me. Why does it matter to anyone what someone else thinks about politics, religions, or what goes on in the privacy of their bedroom? Think about it.


Accept the differences for what they are and move on. It’s not like your approval or disapproval will change anything anyway, nor should it.


I have plenty of friends that are vastly different than me: Trump supporters, anarchists, flat earthers, vegans, Christians, Satanists, Wiccans, etc. I’m not their friend because of what they believe; I’m their friend because of who they are.

Please remember when you conversate with others that they are people, and even though some of you feel extraordinarily brave behind a keyboard, try to live by one simple, easy to remember rule: never say anything to someone over the internet that you wouldn’t say to their face.

I think the world would be a much better place, ya know?

Now for the horrifying news. I think I’m starting to get baby fever. And this has to be the worst possible time to experience something like that: I’m single, we’re in a pandemic, and, you know, I hate children. 😭 In all honesty, I would make a horrible mother. No one needs like Alexaliens running around this world, believe me. Still… every time I see baby crap online or on TV, my fallopian tubes start acting like those inflatable tube men you see advertising something on the side of the road.

Le sigh.

To those of you that have children, send me an email or private social media message and let me know if you regret your decision. And be honest, because I really want to know what I’m getting myself into. If I decide to get myself into it, that is…



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Nipples are erogenous zones because the sensation of hardened nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, cervix and the clitoris.


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  1. Lamar on October 14, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    Oh no, don’t say no such thing that you’re not funny cause you are and you’re Alexa, the Motherfucking Queen! 😍

    Baby?!!! Excuse me while I’ll go cry! 😮

    • Alexa Nichols on October 15, 2020 at 11:27 am

      You are so sweet! 🥰 That’s why you’re my boo boo.

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