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Dear Diary,

First of all, a disclaimer: this post is going to be way more nerdish than usual. It’s also going to talk about an event that happened almost a month ago, an event I never intended to write about, but so many people still inquire that I decided I might as well. If computers don’t interest you, you might want to skip this entry altogether. Sorry. I’ll try to make the next entry extra non-techie to make up for this.

Still here?


OK, a few years ago I splurged and bought myself a dual boot tablet (a Chuwi Hi12), which runs both Windows 10 and Android. I also splurged on a fancy case for it, which I normally don’t do for… well, anything. It’s still in perfect condition, as I take immaculate care of the things I own.

Well, the outside is in immaculate condition, at least. The inside… not so much.

See, I’ve always had this weird fetish for Linux. I don’t know why. It all started years ago with Red Hat, then Fedora, then Ubuntu, and currently the love of my life is Mint. I was using Mint on a USB stick for the longest time, as I didn’t want to screw up my work computers by attempting to install it alongside Windows.

Then I had an idea. Why not install it alongside Windows on my tablet? What could the harm be? I don’t use my tablet for work, and if something went wrong I could just reverse the process, right? Right?

Fuck no.

I bricked the shit out of it, y’all. 😭 I tried installing Mint and it crashed halfway through, which severely messed up my boot record, which… the more I tried fixing it, the more it broke. By the time I was finished, it was basically a paperweight. There was no saving this thing. It was D-E-D. Dead.

After I finished sobbing uncontrollably (I love my tablet!), I researched my ass off and, ultimately, managed to wipe everything and install Mint over both Windows and Android, replacing them. So now it’s a full Mint tablet, with no touch-screen capabilities but otherwise functional. Annnnd I was without a tablet because if my mouse and keyboard aren’t attached, it’s basically unusable. And I was used to having a tablet. It started killing me.

So I splurged and bought myself a Samsung tablet, which is something I’ve wanted forever (since I already have a Samsung watch, earbuds, and phone), and… much like every other Samsung thing I’ve bought, has completely floored me. I never used to be a brand-whore, but Samsung converted me. My friend Corrine is a diehard Apple fangirl, will not let me live this down. And she shouldn’t, because I used to roast her at every opportunity for rabidly following Apple.

Just goes to show: instead of making fun of her, I should have investigated. Maybe I would have jumped on the bandwagon sooner, and maybe the life of a poor, defenseless dual boot tablet could have been saved. 😄

By the way, if any of you happen to know how to fix my dual boot Chuwi Hi12, please let me know! I will pay, yo!



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