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The Survivor


Trapped in an underwater cave when the bombs go off, Aude survives the apparent elimination of the human race. Despite the fact that she might be the only woman alive in Europe, all she can think about is sex. She finally takes a robot lover, Ulysses. When a surviving human male arrives (he was an astronaut exploring the moons of Pluto) the robot can’t handle the competition and kills him.

Publication date: 1985
Publisher: Catalan Communications
Artist: Paul Gillon
No. of issues: 4
Tags: Erotica, European, Science-Fiction, Social observation


My Rating: 🧡🧡🧡🧡🖤
The series description completely hooked me, I’m not gonna lie. And the artwork, from what I could tell, was beautiful. It kind of reminded me of Milo Manara, with the clean, precise lines and artistic simplicity. So I cracked it open.
The story immediately captivated me.
That’s not an easy thing to do.
I could feel the angst, confusion, and pain of the main character. The sexy scenes, while not overly pornographic, were touching and realistic. I felt a bit of creator envy – why hadn’t I thought to do something like this first?!
The story itself was easy to follow, fluid, and, best of all, believable. I also liked how it time-elapsed from book to book. That kept things from getting stale and predictable. A pretty smart trick, actually.
The only thing I have against this series is the dialogue. It seemed strange, like one person is speaking through multiple mouths. There seems to be little actual characterization, with everyone acting, thinking, and talking more or less the same way. Not a deal-breaker – I’ve read plenty of novels guilty of the same thing – but definitely noticeable. And, at times, eye-rolling.
Regardless, I enjoyed the story. I found myself rolling along with it, engrossed, wondering what would happen next. I read the entire series in one sitting – something I rarely do.
And then it ended with a big nonsensical what the fuck stroke of absurdity that left me stunned, unblinking, and mouth agape.
I actually reread the ending a few times, wondering if I was missing something, but… no. It’s almost like the author just said, ‘fuck it, I’m done.’ Such a horrible ending to an otherwise excellent series is such a disservice to all the work and depth the creator had put forth to that point.
Kind of brings to mind Game of Thrones

Want to check it out yourself? You can find it here.

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