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I died.

Dear Diary,

I had the most realistic nightmare last night, and I’m finding it impossible to shake. I stayed up late the night before because I had this writing bug (I’m putting the finishing touches on Erotic Urban Legends: Sisters, a Patreon and project of mine, and I’m really into it!), and Anne has a dozen shows she wanted to watch on about as many streaming networks. So we stayed up, went to bed late, and I woke up at my normal 6 AM time… only for my body to tell me it wasn’t having that shit, and a nap was going to happen.

After a few hours of attempting to work, I finally gave in and took a nap.

And I dreamed…

I was at the bank, talking with a cashier for whatever reason. This guy beside me, who was also talking to a cashier, became agitated because she wouldn’t accept a sloppy-looking check of his. He argued, but she stayed firm, and after listening to this for several minutes, I decided to try and be helpful. I told him he might have better luck at a smaller place, like a credit union, and rattled off a few I knew in the area.

He seemed receptive, listening and nodding, then said, “Or I can just do this.”

He pulled out a gun. I froze. I had no idea what to do. He was a lot bigger than me, and I watched in disbelief as he moved his gun arm towards me and started shooting…


Point blank.

I dropped to the ground.

My vision went first.

My hearing dulled next.

I felt the bullets as they entered my body, but oddly they didn’t hurt – I just felt their pressure. I felt my grip on reality slip, and this strange sort of encompassing darkness began cradling me, and my heart, for some reason, started beating hard in my chest.

I was dying.

It was then that I somehow became aware that this was a dream, so I pulled myself out of it, snapping awake and looking wildly around me. My heart was going crazy, so I closed my eyes and forced myself to calm down. I then grabbed my phone and started typing all this while it was still fresh in my mind (cause, you know, writer, and there’s a good chance I could make an interesting Erotic Urban Legends story using this as the catalyst).

Honestly, I’m still shook. The news lately has been getting to me far more than I let on. Hopefully, this is a one-off event and not the start of a trend. I don’t think I could mentally deal with a recurring dream like that… 😩



“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

– Carl Jung


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